Seven years ago, TaylorMade Golf introduced Movable Weight Technology™ (MWT®) with the revolutionary r7® quad, which gave golfers the ability to move weight to promote changes in trajectory for greater distance and accuracy. Again, in 2009, the R9™ driver transformed the metalwood category with the introduction of Flight Control Technology (FCT), providing golfers the ability to change the orientation of the driver head with the shaft. Last year, TaylorMade introduced the R9 SuperTri driver, which incorporated two major driver technologies — FCT and MWT — in a 460cc clubhead.

Now TaylorMade is proud to introduce the R11 driver — the next revolution in golf club adjustability. "By incorporating our new Adjustable Sole Plate (ASP) Technology, along with our proven Flight Control Technology and Movable Weight Technology, into a single clubhead, the R11 gives golfers the ability to adjust their driver to fit their individual needs with even greater precision," said Dr. Benoit Vincent, TaylorMade's chief technology officer.

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